Thursday, February 23, 2006

Today is your birthday Anniversary!

I suck at titles. I have the most terrible time coming up with something creative to call my rambling. I discarded a bunch of titles before picking that one. ;)

Yes, today is my and my DH's fifth anniversary. Where did the time go? Mostly all of it has been happy. I feel very lucky at least once a day to be with him. =) I'm looking forward to what the future brings. In the immediate future...

Sock progress!

This will probably be the same progress photo for tomorrow, as I don't anticipate much knitting going on tonight (if any). Tonight my DH is taking me to the Bollywood Grill, with some old movies and cuddling for afterwards. I'm glad... I've been really good and knitting a lot the past two days, and am ready for a break. (So give me a silver. Really! :)

As for the second heel turn, it doesn't look like the first one, but I've entered the grand universe of Not Caring. I don't think it will be that notable, and I like how the second one looks better on my foot. It *was* much easier than the first, and depending on how they wear, I might make short row heels again. I plan on trying Jaywalkers as well as some Knitting on the Road patterns next, however, so there are several pair of heel flaps in my future.

One of the other odd things about the Lolita pattern is that there is a definite spiral bias to the fishnet stitch. My needles rotated just a smidge over 90 degrees to the right as I knit the foot stitches. On the first foot I just started the heel shaping there, but on the second foot I rearranged the stitches so the heel was in line with the toe and then began the heel shaping. I'm thinking I'll see which sock is more comfortable and then rip the other one, or just leave it. =)

One of my ongoing pattern irritations is that since I taught myself to knit and I knit Continental, my idea of a k2tog slants the opposite way than English ones. I have to rewrite the patterns I encounter, switching the k2togs for K1PNSO's and vice versa. Anyone else who knits continentally encounter this?

Okay, enough prattle. Off to check my gel. :) Happy knitting!

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