Sunday, March 05, 2006

Hoochie socks!

Egads, I'm at work on a Sunday and my gel is running. I've got a little wait, but after that I need to carve bands like the wind so that I can get home in time to have some lunch before the DH and I go off to our first tango lesson! I'm so excited.

The long-awaited complete sock photo. I was attempting to take a picture of myself in the bedroom mirror. Note that apparently I need to clean said bedroom mirror. I am, however, pleased with the socks. I took this picture on Tuesday evening after I finished the socks and laced them up with some leftover cotton twine. I really need to locate a ribbon or something that's a bit more attractive. You can see that I made a couple of Olympic mistakes, but that overall I had a lot of fun with this pattern. (Red vinyl hoochie skirt courtesy of the Hot Topic clearance rack. I've just not had an occaision to wear it out before! :)

Yes, I like the word 'hoochie'. I think that it implies flirty-ness without a whorish connotation. I've come a long way from the paranoid modesty of my high school years... fueled largely by my amateur theater background and the realization that since I'm almost thirty, my lifespan of naughty-clothes-wearability is well, now. ;)

Other than the Knitting Olympics socks, there hasn't been a TON of action on the knitting front. I was a good kid and knit Bob a Jayne hat out of some leftover Lamb's Pride Bulky I bought from my roomie's stash. While I enjoyed the fabric that Lamb's Pride Bulky makes, unfortunately I had allergic reactions to it... so this Jayne hat was the itchy-eye headache hat. Fortunately it was a really quick knit; I got most of it done while watching Bubba Ho-Tep on Weds nite before Lost. I'm going to try to take a photo of it this evening before tossing it in the mail to Bob.

Next project? Well, I'm really sorry to say that my Kitty Hat has dissapeared. It looks like the next project before Odessa is to make myself another Kitty Hat that I can wear while on my skiing trip. (I don't want to wear a fabulous beaded hat on the slopes.) I really hope that my Kitty Hat will resurface after I make it a sibling. I really liked my hat. :(

Otherwise... Lab this week has been really busy and rather depressing. If you would, offer a few good wishes up to the gods of cloning for me? Thanks. =) Hopefully we'll both be rewarded with good results and some time to post pictures.


crestfallendespairacy said...

Awesome Shoes

Happy dancing!!!

love your blog

inertiacreepies said...


i may have some ribbon for you...

let me know what "size" you need.

socks look good!

Kelly said...

Great looking stockings, and wow, great legs! You need to show them off more often.

And I am very envious of the skirt as well.