Tuesday, February 21, 2006

five days to go and I'm starting to sweat...

Current progress - first sock almost complete. Here you see the sock-in-progress lounging against my (L&Stitch) blanket in an attempt at colorful contrast. I had a wonderful weekend during which not a lot was spent knitting... most of the progress you see here was on Monday. I've modified the pattern a little bit (largely in response to dontcallmemolly's sage advice) and included an extra stitch in one side so the selvedges appear more equal. Hopefully from this picture you can begin to tell that I've been knitting flat for a while. As I've no doubt mentioned, black lace pictures are a pain in the butt.

I'm beginning to sweat about finishing in time, I've yet to begin the second sock! Woops. The DH has even noticed this, as he's offered to re-watch a movie I've already seen instead of a new movie tonight, so I can feel comfortable knitting. (Awww.) Hopefully I can top up this sock and begin the new toe tonight. Cross your fingers with me!

Good luck to all my fellow sweating Olympians!

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