Monday, February 06, 2006

Pre-Olympic Fever

I suppose that I've learned that I usually don't have time to futz with photos on Monday while I'm at the lab. Heheh. Yet Another Photo-less Post.

So, there was mucho knitting action this weekend. I finished the Dancing Socks, and an FO photo is pending. I'm very happy with them, as they're very comfy. Surprisingly, they were loose, so I might just keep them as bed socks so they don't wear out quickly. (They might even fit Ladyscience, who has Unusually Large Yet Attractive Feet.) It looks like I have half a ball of Dancing (Jig) left... haveta figure out something to do with that. :)

I also worked some more on the kitty bed. I've got the 144 stitches per round, and I've done 25 rounds of same... my big plan to have the colors feather into one another was foiled a bit by the fact that ball #3 was Very Short, or ball #2 was Very Long, so the 3/4 combination didn't last long. I'm happy though, because colors 4 and 5 look very nice together. We'll see how this turns out and if I should use a niddy noddy or a yarn meter next time to get a more uniform striping. Darn me for wanting to use up all the yarn!

I had a momentary panic this weekend when I wasn't sure if my two balls of Cascade Fixation would be enough to do my Lolita Socks. I've been reassured that this should in fact be enough... darn me not noting that after I bought substitute yarn! :) I swatched and got 5 st per inch on #2 dpns... and the requested gauge is 4 st/inch. Looks like I might actually be using the reccomended needle size for a project! (I'm a Very Loose Knitter... famous for having to go down two needle sizes for a gauge swatch. What's happening to me? ;)

At SnB tonight there will probably be more kitty bed action, with more swatching. We'll see. I also got my Sweaters From Camp book in last week... interesting Fair Aisle patterns. No idea if I'm going to be using any of those any time soon!

Lastly, I was kindly invited by Whit to join the Team DPN. Unlike the typical Olympics, it seems you can belong to more than one team... pretty cool! Check out the buttons I finally got 'round to adding to the sidebar. (Okay, maybe this post isn't TOTALLY photo-less. :)

Good luck to all the Olympic knitters out there! Hopefully I'll have a gauge in time to try the figure 8 cast on on Friday. :)

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