Thursday, February 02, 2006

Dancing sock update and Harlot tendencies

Hello there! I've learned that I'm good at taking the pictures and then forgetting about them. Hrrm. Not a good plan. I'm getting better at editing them in Photoshop, but I still sometimes have focus issues with the digital camera.

Anyway, here's a picture of what a heel flap looks like from both sides... I've got some friends that are doing their first socks, and I wanted to post what 'normal' looked like. :)

Yes, that's probably the shadow of my head in the picture. I've now learned that the DH's old blanket is NOT a good focus background for the socks. I think the camera keeps trying to focus on the pills.

Yet another casualty of Bad Focus, but hopefully you can get the idea of what a short rowed heel flap looks like. :)

Here I'm trying to capture what my DH refers to as the 'periscope heel'. It's essentially a square of knitting with a sudden, sharp turn. What I always find cool about it is how it works out into a gently curved cup. (You could argue that I'm easily amused.)

Here is the current progress on the sock, post gusseting. (Yes, I should have taken a gusset picture. Woops.) I stole a moment and took this picture in one of the study rooms at work. Maybe I should take more pictures here, as it turned out pretty well! (Note the stylish net containing my slippery sock yarn. Available wherever garlic cloves or shallots are sold in little net bags. ;)

Last night, Ladyscience got her package from Knit Picks, containing the chocolate cherry kitty bed yarn as well as some sock yarn for me to allergy test. (I'm pretty confident that it will be okay... but someone may still inherit two balls of Parade or Essential.) In a fit of Harlot-dom, I neglected the above poor sock and cast on for the kitty bed. I'm now at four 10" dpns, (72 sts) and when I increase next I'll be on the 24" circ. I'll try to take some blog pictures of that tonight, and post them a bit later. Sorry to try your patience. :) Really, I'm going to finish the Dancing socks before the Olympics. I have to! =)

For the record, I find Emily Ocker's circular cast on much easier if you don't finish the single crochets but leave one loop lingering on the hook. Then you transfer those loops to the needles. I suppose I'll have to take a picture of this... if by finishing the single crochets have I been doing this wrong all this time?

Okay, I should be letting my right brain ponder science now. :)

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