Friday, January 20, 2006

In-Progress Dancing

I got an amazing amount of knitting done last night as Inertiacreeps came over and knit with me while she was doing laundry. :) This morning I was also blessed with a sunny corner to take a picture of the sock. I was really excited about how much I got done last night... I'm closing the toe! It was an act of will this morning to leave the sock at home and not take a 'knit break' during the day. :)

In other amusing news, I discovered that I'd put my smaller gauge dpns Someplace Interesting. I managed to find them late last night so wondering didn't keep me awake, but I really need to clean my corners of the room this weekend. I suspect I know what I'm up to on Sunday. (le sigh)

My knitting group has been talking about the Yarn Harlot's Knitting Olympics recently. Any of these readers in for that? I'm trying to decide between Lolita Legs and Grumperina's Jaywalkers. I was thinking that I could challenge myself by doing dual Jaywalkers in the Magic Loop technique, or I could just try and finish them as singletons on the dpns I own. (Yeah, I'd have to order online because noone sells them around here buy a long circular to do Magic Loop, which puts a kink in trying to spend less $... ;) I think I must enjoy nebbishing about what project to do next... I must remember to enjoy my achievments as well as my plans. I certainly plan on enjoying my socks!

Anyway, here's to more in-progress photos!

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