Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Knitting post submission:

I finished attaching all the parts of my burgundy and gray Ribbi Cardi over the weekend. I just need to knit the collar and add the zipper, and then I'll be set. I'm not in a mad mad rush, as the other knitters in my SnB who were working on the sweater are going to pool their zipper orders. I really should get that collar on though so that the only thing left is the zipper.

Speaking of 'only thing left' I also should attach the sleeves to my Dancing Vines Tunic that I knit. Incidentally, it's also in an oxford gray whose leftover yarn became the sleeves of my Ribbi Cardi. ;) I'm still not 100% on just how to fit the sleeves into the holes. This could get interesting.

My poor shawl! I put her down to crank out the Ribbi Cardi with my group, and to do Dan's vest. I call her Ruby Slipper (made with Blue Moon Socks that Rock yarn of the eponymous color) and dragged her out into the light this week. I got the yarn for this at the Rhinebeck festival last year as a birthday present to myself. I'm making Elizabeth Zimmerman's Pi Shawl out of it, and it's been very fun - especially since I (finally) got to use a 24" Addi Turbo needle I got as a gift. This has served me very well until now... I've made the last series of increases and have a TON of stitches on my needle. (Okay, I think it really is 576 like it's supposed to be. But it seems like a TON.) I'm debating whether the nice zippiness of the Turbo has been compromised by the massive number of stitches to push around. I took some of the stitches off of the Turbo and put them on two other needles while I tried to stretch out the shawl so it would be flat instead of bag-like. There wasn't enough needle even with the three needles to stretch the shawl out flat. This sucker is going to be huge. It is, however, gorgeous. I still love the interplay of reds, burgundies, and purples. At least the yarn is fine, which means that 576 stiches sort-of fit. I had some trouble making the diamonds work out on the really cramped needle, but the bits that I stretched still look passable, so I don't think I'm going to rip.

Dharia will probably be dyeing more stuff tonight. I'm going to see if she wants help. She's got a craft show May 14th-ish. (I think) I have four skeins of natural worsted that I intend to dye blue, green, and turquoise and then put with some leftover gray Noro Kabuto stash bits for a Felted Kitty Bed a la Wendy Knits. I'm also enough of an inner child that I still like coloring things, especially yarn, so I don't mind being Dharia's minion for a bit. :)

Knitty hasn't told me anything - those familiar with Knitty's submissions process will know that I'm in round two. Gotta run!

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