Friday, April 22, 2005

I managed to get the pattern off to Knitty ( on time. I haven't heard from them yet that it was rejected, so if an email doesn't show up on Monday, I know I've made it to round two. I hope I'm 'hip' and 'funky' enough. While some of my lunch buddies thought that knitted penis sculptures would have perhaps had a better impact in the funky department, somehow I wonder.

Yet, my engineer brain says, well, we COULD get some peachy (or chocolatey, let's not be rude) yarn, cast on about, say, twenty in a tube on dpns, knit for eight inches, and then decrease and stuff it... no no no, that's really okay. I'm amazed sometimes at the parts of my brain which helpfully solve some design issues that the rest of my brain really would rather ignore. ;) (like, you'd want to garter stitch the scrotum with eyelash yarn. Really!)

I've been trying to be a good little scientist this week. So far, I've been rewarded with two mixed experiments and one good one. Narf. Happy weekend, everyone!

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inertiacreeps said...

i've very glad you went with the gorgeous vest... and i wish you luck. i think its knitty worthy.

see ya tonight!