Monday, May 09, 2005

le sigh

Craft update for the weekend:

I'm still at 576 stitches on Ruby Slipper, but those familiar with the Knitter's Almanac version of the Zimmerman Pi Shawl will understand my joy at finishing the first set of diamonds. I actually moved the second set of diamonds up a little bit because I'm worried about running out of yarn. So far this ball is holding out, but it's ball six of seven total and I still need to do the edging. I think the edging will take an entire ball, so I'm hoping... the second set of diamonds may turn out slightly smaller than the first. Amusingly, the bamboo needles that Melissa was kind enough to pick up for me are turning a delicate shade of pink from all the red yarn. :)

I didn't put the sleeves of Dancing Vines in yet, and Ribbi Cardi remains unchanged. Must... get... zipper!

I suppose the big crafting news is that I got my rejection from Knitty today. It's sad, but I understand. I just hope they have a cool issue, so I'm not that angry about being passed up for it! :)


Dharia said...

that sucks. i'm sorry. :(

on the other hand, you could write up a .pdf version and give it free off your website. or sell it... ?

Trista said...

I could... I suppose in a bit I'll take another look at the pattern and see if it needs some fixing up. (Which it may, because near the end there I was going a little crazy.) I may try and set up the PayPal thing to offer it for sale, or I might just publish it for free. Bears thinking about.

*grin* Want to make a vest anytime soon? ;)