Saturday, September 03, 2005

Quick Saturday post

I wanted to post a few pics of Kitty Bed Progress, hopefully fleshed out by more words on Monday.

Here's the finished, bound-off after being ripped and reknit, Kitty Bed #2.

I wanted to take a couple of pictures to try and convey how big this sucker was. Look here.

And this one, feeling a bit silly... RAAAAAAR!!!

Then I felted it last week. I love the subtle coloring. :) To my surprise, the Wool of the Andes felted A LOT.

And again, for silly scale :)

Please forgive the bad Saturday hair. Especially in the case of the grey Dancing Vines sweater that I finally finished all of the end weaving for. I decided that since this sweater was Much Too Much Too Big, I was going to send it to Mom for a floppy keep-warm sweater. She said she was very happy with this on the phone. Hopefully she'll still be happy with it. I took a picture of it before I packed it, the kitty beds, and a couple other things in a mailing box to send to Mom for her birthday next Friday. I haven't finished the Branching Out scarf yet. Maybe she'll get it late.

Okay, I really ought to go before Dan thinks I fell in. =)

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Nik said...

I'd read about that conference you went to. I work as a biologist at the NIH. I'm glad you had an ok time.