Tuesday, July 05, 2005

The new Knitty is up!

This would be www.knitty.com, btw. Most of the patterns are pretty cool. Some are a bit odd, but that's Knitty for you. =)

I'm still sad that I didn't make it in. I understand now a lot of Dan's frustration that most form letters don't tell you what precisely was wrong with your submission, so that you could fix it for next time. Ach well.

I still think I might shorten Dan's vest a bit so it's not too long. That and someday make it up out of a less toasty yarn weight so the poor man doesn't cook because he loves me. And knit it in two peices, back and forth, so that there's not a wierdness issue when I go from circs to straights.

However, while I'm dissapointed, I still learned a lot. Just like baseball, maybe next time. :)

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inertiacreeps said...

Hi T.

JP and I took a look at the new knitty last night. We were very disapointed. The only pattern that even remotely impressed me was the kimono style sweater. JP didn't like ANYTHING!

Glad you still learned something. We're proud of you!