Monday, March 28, 2005

Random Question of Today

Due to NetFlix in one case and a regionless DVD player in the other, I recently got to view the first two eps of Sex and the City, as well as the pilot of Twin Peaks. It's worth noting that I'd not seen any parts of either show. In favor of both shows, I did get enough sleep the night before. ;)

Sex and the City made me wonder if I'm a poor specimen of femininity. I found myself trying to understand it the same way I'd dissect a comedy of manners in English/Letters class. I wondered about the portrayal of both women and men, as well as the unreliableness of the narrator. I reserved some of my feelings about the characters as it was obvious some of the actors and actresses were still feeling their way into their roles. (With the exception of the gay friend Stanford, who was goofily endearing.)

The Twin Peaks pilot was suffused with nostalgia. It reminded me of Eugene O'Neill in a way - what was going on was distinctly less important than the past. It was beautifully shot in tones of mostly sepia and gold inside the buildings. I admired the starkness of the mountains and trees as contrast. The adults were sketched like a Stephen King town, with broad strokes and small quirks. The teens were believably teens, and yet I asked myself after the pilot if Laura Palmer would have been mourned so much if she hadn't been blonde and gorgeous? Possibly not.

So, for any who cares to answer, which do you prefer? Twin Peaks or Sex and the City? Why? Discuss.

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inertiacreeps said...

so i just figured out that when i changed your blogs makeup i accidently disabled the comments function. so i've repaired it..

also, i previously overlooked this post.. and i wanted to comment:

i have a love/hate relationship with sex and the city... i have watched exactly 3 episodes of sex and the city. the score:

inertiacreeps: 2
sex and the city: 1

i hated 2 episodes. one was so endearing and true to life it was hilarious.. and a little scary.

jon loves sex and the city.. in fact, i believe he would get together week after week with some lady friends and watch it before i was around... silly boy.

as for twin peaks, when i was in college friends of mine and i would go to jons once a week for twins peak night.. i watched all of them.. and i still dont get it...and i still don't like it. they of course all loved it.

the best part of twin peaks is the damned theme music.